Inhoud: 44cl

ABV: 8.5%

IBU: 20

Canning Date: 22/04/2022
BBD: 04/2023

We recently brewed another collab, this time with our fellow provincial and colleague @floemcraftbeer from Appingedam! And what could we brew other than what we are both known for? So get to know A Tale of Two Cities, a New England Style DIPA of 8.5%!

Appingedam is, next to our home city Groningen, one of the few cities in the province of Groningen. Once upon a time, the relations between Groningen and Appingedam were not as good as they are today, as witnessed by the quote below from the English Wikipedia page about Appingedam:

“The economic development of Appingedam would increasingly threaten the vital interests of the City of Groningen. The growing tension between the two cities eventually escalates into a series of armed conflicts. In 1536, Appingedam suffered a major defeat, as a consequence of which the city was destroyed and ultimately lost its position as a major player in the region’s trade and politics.”

It is clear that there is an interesting history between our Groningen cities. And that offers a source of inspiration for the name and label of our collab!

Now let’s talk about the beer. This NEDIPA is double dry hopped with the fantastic Riwaka hop. Riwaka is a quintessential Kiwi hop known for its high oil content, which provides strong citrus notes when used in larger quantities. According to some, it is therefore the perfect hop for hoppy styles. We also used good old Citra and El Dorado. Together they provide a beautiful whole of citrus-like flavors and aromas. To guarantee the hazy base, the malt grist consists of low color Golden Promise, regular pilsner malt, carapils malt, various types of oats and wheat. To bring all the elements together, we chose WHC’s Fruit Bowl yeast for the fermentation, a blend of different strains, perfect for the hazy style.

Hops: Citra, Riwaka, El Dorado